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Design Tips

Buying Furniture
When buying furniture, always consider the dimension of furnishings to size of room. Go prepared with size of room, maybe a photograph, and size of walls spaces and existing furniture sizes. It never hurts to ask questions and understand the quality of construction you are buying. I like the value, even though more expensive, of eight way hand-tied construction of the sofa seating. A Marshall unit is good also. Pay a little more and your upholstery will last a lot longer.

Change shopping for case goods such as hard surface pieces, notice that some manufacturers today use resin in the manufacturing. Make sure it is a wood of strength and durability. For those made of resin and wood pulp, use in light use areas. Select fabrics with high double number rub counts for lasting durability.

Buying upholstery or recovering an item
Notice on the back of the swatch the number of double rubs. 10,000 to 15,000 or more, add strength to the goods.
Applying The Triangle Method
Apply the triangle method when laying out your kitchen. Utilize your workspace at best when placing your appliances to better perform your duties.

Choosing Paint Colors
Choose 4 – 5 wall colors and 1 trim color when selecting for the entire home. Use semi-gloss finish more often. For deep dark colors use flat finish. If you use a gloss paint, make sure drywall surfaces are free of imperfections.
Ceiling paint – use the same wall color when ceilings are tall and crown molding is present. Use one trim color throughout and include all the crown molding where stain is not used.
Background colors – keep somewhat neutral and light to medium in shades, adding color and design flavor in your area rugs, pillows, and artwork. Jazz up the palette with a rug “to die for” or solidify the space with an all over print to make the room cozy and comfortable. This is where an individual’s personality comes out in the room.

Making A Bed
You might consider placing another fitted sheet on the box spring itself. That way when you pull down the covers, especially on a guest’s bed, the mattress covers won’t show.
Use dust ruffle screw on pins (commonly called upholstery twist pins) to keep dust ruffles from sliding. Fold pillow case ends under and place toward center of bed, giving the outside edges a clean look in appearance.

I myself, use the odd number rule (my own rule) when accessorizing. I usually work in three and five when placing items on a table or a shelf. That does not mean the exact same finish or different size. It is a collection or grouping of items. Even decorating the Christmas tree, I use the triangle method I mentioned before and the odd numbers. Asymmetrical accessorizing happens when decorating in a more traditional atmosphere. This may not be for all designers.

Hanging Artwork
Open areas above Kitchen upper cabinets: Placement of accessories in groups. I normally do not line accessories all the way across. If wall space is 30″ to 36″ hgt. I have hung prints to help take up the empty space with subject matter than you still can see from below.
Artwork over a sofa hang approx 8″ above the back. If wall height is 10-12 ft then consider hanging 10″ ablove sofa back. Artwork should be around 2/3 of the length of sofa
Hanging artwork above a buffett – 6″ off surface>
Wall-art remaining areas – hang at eyelevel. Remember not everyone is at 6 ft height when hanging. I find that most Prints do well at 65″ to 72″ off the floor. Try this first. You really never want to look up at a painting in a hallway.

Smart Strand carpet is a great selection to maintain clean carpeting and free of stains. Porcelain and stone floor tiles are long wearing surfaces. Be sure to reseal the natural stone floor every few years. resealing varies with wearing use.

My love is granite while quartz and glass are making strong appearances. Use Dal Tile’s Aqua Mix for a wonderful granite and stone cleaner and sealant. Refrain from using cleaners that are acidic on any surface because they can breakdown your seal and ruin the grout. Look for cleaners that have a neutral PH factor.

Healthy Home
I call on Healthy Home here, in Tampa, every Spring to summerize my ductwork. The representatives come in and do a thorough cleaning of the air-conditioning ducts. The air is cleaner all summer long. This is very important to me. You should have this done after each remodeling project to eliminate dust that occurs when tearing out and redoing drywall, cabinetry, trimwork and flooring. The air I breathe is important to me and know it is safe after I have had Healthy Home in my Home.

To view TV: place seating 10 ft back or more.
Window treatments
How far do drapes stack back: Split draw drapes – rod width divide by 3, then divide by 2 equals stack on each side. One-way draw drapes – rod width divided by 3 equals the stack to one side.
Installation of drapery rod:
I normally hang the rod 6″ up and 6 to 12″ out to each side except when you need to clear the window sides.

Lighting over Dining table
Install 36″ above dining table. 30″ above a countertop when hanging pendants. Sconces – Hang approximately 72″ off the floor.

Showerhead fixture placement
Install around 78″ for average height persons to 84″ height off shower floor if you have someone at 6ft height stature.

To view a widescreen TV or projectd image, place seating 10 ft back or more.